Vegetarians do not live healthier

The people, who eat meat, are as thoughtlessly as smokers for those, who live a vegetarian or vegan life. Eating meat and smoking is equally disgusting, irresponsible and both shorten the life. Indeed, now there are studies which prove that this is not true, because the truth is that vegans and vegetarians live no longer, they almost die healthier. Everyone who likes to eat meat can relax and must have no bad conscience, when enjoying a steak.

The tricks of the food industry

If you want to live healthy and like to visit a vegetarian restaurant from time to time, you will be probably as hungry as before and everything what has decreased, is your money, because meatless food is expensive. However, that is not the only annoyance that vegans and vegetarians have to live with, the food industry also creates a bad mood. It´s now known, that any third apple juice which is called natural and vegan, is filtered with pork or beef gelatine, so that the naturally drink becomes clear. However, this is not the only trick the industry works with, to continue earning money from the .

Vegetarians die healthy

If you are sick, no steak or burger can make you healthy or shorten your life. The study found out, that it makes no difference with the life span, whether you eat salad or salami. Vegetarians die more healthy, but unfortunately, this has nothing to do with their life without meat. It rather depends on a healthy lifestyle and not on whether meat or only vegetables and salad are eaten. Many sports are just as important as little alcohol and when you eat, you should ensure a healthy mix. It is not necessary, that meat is on the daily menu, but one or two meatless days a week are not bad for the body.

Can vegetarians enjoy their life?

Anyone who is vegetarian or vegan will claim that his life is fun, but why do those who live a vegetarian life, always feel slightly tense? The new study also has an answer to this: its envy. Vegetarians and vegans envy this enjoyment to those who eat meat, and eventually this leads to bitterness. Therefore, the question is, why don't the vegetarians and vegans differ from their chosen renunciation? If they do so, according to the study, they no longer look down at the meat eaters and can give themselves the feeling of being a moral authority in every sense. Vegetarians like to feel morally superior. This is more exhausting than relaxing and one of the reasons, why people who eat no meat, cannot enjoy life.

Vegetarians are militant

Former smokers are always accused that they are militant and less tolerant. Now the new study realizes, that vegans and vegetarians do the same. They are offended very quickly, when other people make a joke about their fleshless life and they are not tired of appearing as missionaries, who must necessarily convince others of their eating habits.

They do not allow any arguments of the meat eaters, they have leased the truth for themselves and only their life is the right thing. How militant vegetarians and vegans can be, this also appears in a farce which has taken place in the city of Limburg in Germany. A vegetarian woman has persuaded the mayor of Limburg to remove the child song: „Fox, you have stolen the goose“ from the repertoire of the carillon at the city hall. However, the woman wasn´t disturbed by the fact that the fox eats the goose, but that the hunter is hunting the poor fox with a gun.

Bild: © / Seamartini

Ulrike Dietz